Avant dernière émission de Black Roots Metallistic pour cause d'apocalypse

Publié le par L'équipe de Black Roots Metallistic



As I lay dying - A Greater Foundation( Awakened )


En attendant le HellFest


Atari Teenage Riot - Action Revolution    
Karma to Burn - Waiting on the Western World


Rencontre Slovenly World en accoustique


Slovenly World - Begins to React (Alternate Ending)

                                         - The Way we fall down

                                         - Choose your End


Britney's Dispear


Ten Masked Men - Baby One More Time (Return of the Ten Masked Men)

Children of Bodom - oops, I did it Again (Skeletons in the closet)

Gorath - Toxic ( Elite LP )

Crystal Ball - Crazy (Time Walker )


Converge - All we Love we Leave Behind (AWLWLB)


Blut aus nord - Chapter IV (The Mystical Beast of Rebellion )

                                    - Epitome XVII ( Cosmosophy )


Kvelertak - utrydd dei svake (Kvelertak)

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